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Inside Jamaah Islamiyah (A Former Member's True Story)

The book entitled Inside Jama'ah Islamiyyah; Acknowledgments of a Former Jl Member (Membongkar Jamaah Islamiyah; Pengakuan Mantan Anggota Jl), is a long time investigation by its author, since beginning his struggle to understand Islam. It encompasses his contact and friendship with thouse active and prominent figures of Jama'ah Islamiyyah like Imam Samudra, Abu bakar Basyir, Hilmi Bakar, and others. It further etails the authors encounters in the jungles and wastelands of afghanistan, Malayasia (notably where the author is from). Mindanao, the Philippines, and various areas of Indonesia.

This long journey is the devotive lot of Nasir Abas, the author, towards Jama'ah Islamiyyah, which had as its prime aspiration the institution of the Islamic State of the Archipelago (consisting of Indonesia, Malayasia, Brunai, and the Philippines). Nasir himself waws a former high-raking member of JI, with his last position being the Amir (leader) of Mantiqi III (encompassing and inclusive of Sabah, Sarawak, Brunei, Kalimantan (Borneo). Sulawesi (the Celebes), and the Southern Philippines). Now, he has left JI, which according to him is full of errors in its understanding of the true and noble islam, and has (as a result of these errors) become tyrannical and feared by the public.

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Judul Inside Jamaah Islamiyah (A Former Member's True Story)  
Penulis Nasir Abas 
Penerbit Grafindo 
Tanggal terbit Desember - 2011 
Jumlah Halaman
Berat Buku 400 gr
Jenis Cover Soft Cover 
Dimensi(L x P) -
Kategori Islam 
Text Bahasa English ··
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